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Virtual tours for tourism

Virtual tours for the promotion of the territory

Virtual tours for tourism are among the indispensable tools for the enhancement and promotion of the territory and the tourist destination. Thanks to the involvement and realism of a virtual tour, public bodies, tourist destinations, IATs, local agencies and anyone involved in the enhancement of their territory can substantially increase the interest and appeal of a tourist destination.

The possibility of integrating the virtual tour with information, details and specifications makes the tool even more complete and usable by users. Last but not least the possibility of being able to integrate the virtual tour into your website, as well as share it on any social platform for maximum diffusion.

If you are a mayor who cares about their territory, contact the photographer specializing in virtual tours for the territory to evaluate the creation of the virtual tour for your territory.

Only the virtual tour is able to realistically and emotionally enhance and document the places and atmospheres of your tourist destinations on the internet.

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Hidden Plots

A 360° interactive presentation of the historical and architectural treasures in the municipality of Gorlago (BG). A multisensory experience discovering the territory.

Sanctuary of SS Maria in Argon

A new virtual tour for the enhancement of the Italian historical heritage at the Millenary Sanctuary on the outskirts of Bergamo.

Cave of Cainallo

Realized the first virtual tour in the cave for the promotion of the Grigne territory in the Esino Lario Museum.

Cave 5iC

Google Virtual Tour certified by Skyline srl, an IT consulting company on the outskirts of Bergamo.

Sanctuary of Ardesio

A particular virtual tour in a place of reflection and prayer, the Sanctuary of the Beata Vergine di Ardesio.

Gorno mine

First and only virtual tour in the mine, a new experience in the old mines of the Bergamo area.

Endine on Ice Lake

The first virtual walk along the entire completely frozen Endine Lake.

Nazi Rally Party Ground

First and only virtual tour of the headquarters of the German National Socialist party.


First and only virtual tour inside the ghost town of Consonno.

The Floating Piers

First and only virtual tour of the incredible installation created by the artist Christo on Lake Iseo, a virtual walk for all those who have not been able to visit it.

Imagna Valley

Virtual tour of the entire Imagna Valley, a new interactive and emotional tool to promote the territory. work in progress

Abbey of Sant'Egidio

Virtual Google Visit at the ancient Abbey of Sant’egidio in Sotto il Monte, a place of calm, reflection and ancient history.

The walls of Bergamo

Google Virtual Tour along the Walls of Bergamo, soon a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for the enhancement of the territory.

Feeding Landscape

Google Virtual Tour of the incredible installation created by the architects of the green in Piazza Vecchia, Bergamo Alta.

Arnosto Museum

Virtual Google Tour at the characteristic and unique museum of Arnosto ..

You were St. Augustine

Google Virtual Tour at the Sant’Agostino stands for the annual highlight of the Bergamo summer.

VW show in SPA

A new virtual tour on the occasion of the most important VW oldtimer rally in the world on the SPA circuit.

Healing Landscape

Google Virtual Tour of the first extraordinary edition of the green installation in the heart of Bergamo Alta.

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