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Virtual Open Day for schools of all levels.

Virtual Open Day thanks to the creation of an interactive high-resolution virtual tour for the enhancement and promotion of school structures of all levels.

Schools, universities, kindergartens. training facilities, study centers and professional institutes can offer the customer a better perception of the spaces, structures and services offered thanks to a professional and immerisive interactive virtual tour with 360-degree images.

The possibility of integrating the virtual tour with navigation menus, information hot spots, videos and graphics allows more complete and extensive information to the potential customer as well as increasing contacts.

The virtual open day is an indispensable service for schools of all levels. In addition to the interactive virtual tour, we also always offer the creation of a Google version for publication on company MyBusiness cards, therefore on Google Maps, useful for further increasing the visibility and effectiveness of your online communication.

Offered services

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Maria Consolatrice Institute Calusco d'Adda

A new interactive VIRTUAL OPEN DAY in high resolution for the promotion of the didactic addresses of this prestigious Institute.

Grumello del Monte Polytechnic Institute

New, extended and interactive VIRTUAL OPEN DAY at the Polytechnic Institute of Grumello dM

Handmaids Institute of Charity, Palazzolo s. OR.

Extensive Google Virtual Tour at an important school facility, the Ancelle della Carità Institute.

Kinder Club

Google Virtual Tour at a nursery school on the outskirts of Bergamo.

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