Virtual Industrial Tours

Virtual Industrial Tours

High resolution interactive virtual tours for the industry

The industrial virtual tour, a new way to present your companies: immersive, engaging, realistic, multi-platform. Large plants, particular productions, equipment and machinery, production processes are just some of the characteristics that are enhanced by the creation of a certified and interactive Google virtual tour.

Show your customers and suppliers the characteristics and strengths of your infrastructures with an interactive virtual tour capable of explaining, as well as showing, the most significant aspects and characteristics of a production line, a machinery, a production process.

The industrial virtual tour explained in this simple one infographic offers your companies a better visibility, realistic, technical, practical. Perfectly integrated into your websites and shareable on all social channels, the virtual tour helps to implement and improve visibility on the Google search engine.

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360 ° presentation of the new lighting installations of Trilux Italia at the new Macron headquarters.


Interactive 360 ° virtual tour realized at the new ultra-modern Metalworks production site.

Ciriaci cured meat factory

New interactive 360 ° virtual tour realized at the renowned salami factory in the heart of the Marche region.

Bonfanti Cereal Dryers

Interactive virtual tour realized inside a cereal drying plant for Bonfanti Cereal Dryer.

Sonzogni Ancient Stones

New extended virtual tour in high resolution and interactive at one of the most important companies in the marble and stone sector, Sonzogni ancient stones.

FAIR Italy

Very special virtual tour inside a leading company in the production of shotguns.


Virtual Tour at a state-of-the-art plant in the remediation of industrial land. Ex Falck, SSGiovanni.

Riva Yachting

Google Virtual Tour at the renowned Riva shipyards.

Del Bello

Google Virtual Tour at Del Bello, an avant-garde fruit processing company, leader in the sector.

BAP button factory

Google Virtual Tour at an important leading company in the production of buttons, BAP spa.


Google also enters with a virtual tour in the vast plants of Corozite, for the production of buttons starting from the raw material.


A new Google virtual tour at J-Val, a leading company in the production of semi-finished products for bottini and the like.

ARET corrections

Virtual tour in the high precision mechanical grinding workshop.


Google virtual tour at a large industrial painting plant, at the forefront of technology and processing, FAEN.

Red kilometer

Virtual Google tour at the spectacular research center, also Brembo headquarters, just outside Bergamo.

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