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Virtual tours for Events, Fairs and Shows

The virtual tour is a necessary tool for the promotion of events, festivals, demonstrations, fairs, exhibitions, happenings, congresses, concerts.

Thanks to the virtual tour, the event remains visible forever on your website. Integrated with information, details and specifications, the virtual tour for events becomes an indispensable tool for a better and more effective promotion of the event for future editions.

Only the virtual tour can enhance and document the atmosphere and spaces of a public event.

Very useful for the sale of exhibition spaces and stands, the virtual tour for fairs and events offers a realistic image of the real spaces available to the exhibitor.

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Watch our virtual tours

Wild Landscape

Virtual tour along the latest installation created for the 6th edition of “The Masters of the Landscape” in Piazza Vecchia, Bergamo.

Feeding Landscape

Google Virtual Tour of the incredible green installation in the heart of Bergamo Alta.

You were St. Augustine

Google Virtual Tour at the Sant’Agostino stands for the annual highlight of the Bergamo summer.

VW show in SPA

A new virtual tour on the occasion of the most important VW oldtimer rally in the world on the SPA circuit.

Healing Landscape

Google Virtual Tour of the first extraordinary edition of the green installation in the heart of Bergamo Alta.

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