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Virtual tours Clothing stores

High resolution interactive virtual tours for the clothing retail sector

Virtual Tours clothing for clothing stores certified by Google for businesses and businesses in the fashion retail sector. Boutiques, clothing stores, commercial galleries, textile retail and wholesale.

Google certified virtual tours contribute to the enhancement of your point of sale, shop or shopping gallery by showing it in a realistic and emotional way. Thanks to the possibility of implementing the tour with navigation menus, hot spots and much more, you can easily accompany the customer to the virtual visit of all the different areas of your clothing showroom. An indispensable service for luxury boutiques, showrooms and clothing stores. A Google virtual tour improves visibility in search results by adding the “look inside”, increases the ranking, enhances the company, increases contacts.

An indispensable tool to capture the interest of your customers. Show the world your strengths, merits and unique characteristics of your structure with a virtual Google tour for shops by relying on Piero Annoni.

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New high-resolution interactive Virtual Tour at an eclectic luxury brand in the world of footwear, Superglamorous, Milan …


Google Virtual Tour at one of the most important high-end fashion stores …

Web palaces

A new Google Virtual Tour enters the renowned fashion store in Albino …

Viva Store

The large and well-stocked Viva Store point of sale enhanced by a new Google virtual tour …

Auchan Merate

Virtual tour dedicated to large retailers, a new Google virtual tour in the Auchan Shopping Center in Merate

Auchan Bergamo

Virtual tour dedicated to large retailers, a new Google virtual tour in the Auchan Shopping Center in Bergamo.

Rose & Rose

Google virtual tour in the elegant and chic Rose e Rose boutique in Bergamo.


Google Virtual Tour at a small and specialized clothing store.

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