Virtual tours Automotive

Virtual tours for car dealerships, workshops, trade shows and motorsport events

Specific virtual tours for car dealers, motorcycles, campers, tire dealers, repair shops, spare parts dealers, auto electricians, mechanical assistance

From the large exhibition of a car dealership to the small but precise craftsman, the virtual tour significantly contributes to enhancing one’s business, the exhibition spaces, the equipment and services offered to customers. We create certified Google virtual tours dedicated to car, motorcycle, camper, truck and earth moving vehicle dealers. Special virtual tours for tire specialists thanks to which their equipment, company organization and workshop quality are enhanced.

Perfectly integrated into your websites, the virtual tour helps to implement and improve your corporate image as well as improve its visibility on the Google search engine thanks to the addition of the “Look Inside”.

Offered services

Watch our virtual tours

Crippa bodywork

Virtual Tour at the new Crippa showroom.


Google Virtual Tour at the brand new Eurogomma store.

Groppetti Camper

Virtual tour at an important sales point and storage for campers and motorhomes.


Virtual Tour in the immense exhibition of luxury cars, campers and motorhomes.

Manzoni Automobili

Virtual tour at the prestigious Manzoni luxury car dealer.

Repair garage

Virtual tour in the repair shop and body shop for motorhomes and cars.

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