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Winter sports

photo & video services alpine, nordic, bob, mountaineering


the higher we are, the more we like to photograph

Indoor Sports & Athletics

photo & video services for Basketball, Athletics, Soccer, Tennis ...

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Sports photography

Photographic services for winter sports, cycling, basketball, tennis, athletics, football, motorsport.

Photographer specialized in the creation of photographic services for athletes and teams, coverage of sporting events, personal photographer, creation of sports photo books.

Do not miss unique and spectacular moments of your sporting achievements, from freeride to soccer match, we document your sports in a realistic and spectacular way. Photo books for teams and teams of any sport. We follow competitions all over the world, photographer for extreme sports, from skydiving to caving.

The photographer follows the driver in any motorsport, on and off the track. Preparation before the race, in the car, after the race and awards. From track races to rallies in the most extreme conditions. Photographic services for air pilots, helicopters and ultralights, parachuting and paragliding.

Photographic and Video Services Offered

Our services


fotografia sportiva

Photo and video services for the world of cycling.

MTB, road, track races.

We follow teams and athletes to tell and promote the sacrifice and passion of cycling all over the world.

Aerial shooting with drone and certified pilots.


fotografia sportiva motori

Photographic services for the world of motors. Car races, coverage of motor events, rallies, motor shows.

We follow teams and drivers all over the world. Reportage on the track.

Photo and video services dedicated to any motor sport.

Winter sports

Photographic services dedicated to winter sports: alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, snowboarding, freeride, mountaineering.

Our passion for skiing combined with that for photography.


Aerial photography, hang gliding, gliding, aircraft and pilots, extreme sports photo shoots.

In flight even with the camera.

Indoor & Athletics

Photographic services for indoor and outdoor sports competitions and competitions: basketball, football, tennis, golf, rugby.

Sports events coverage of all kinds.

Aerial shooting with drone.

Now also AIRPLANE photos & videos

our new point of recovery for your sporting achievements

We operate all over the world