Non-EU harvest

Harvest in the Bergamo area. A group of smiling and cheerful Pakistanis harvest between the rows of a vineyard in Bergamo.

Non-EU harvest

Among the rows of vines in the Bergamo area

Draw the best memories of my youth I can’t help but remember those magnificent moments spent harvesting. This is why I decided to take my son among the rows of a Bergamo vineyard for a first contact with the colors, flavors and aromas of the harvest.

Without any surprise, I found at work only smiling Pakistani men who, between a bunch and the other, also tried to understand the shouted orders in Bergamo (the Bergamo people always scream :)), but no young Italians, the same owner at work between the rows critically observed the absence of children. Like it or not, THIS is what I consider the integration worthy of its meaning. Foreigners who earn their living honestly, working, observing and assimilating local customs and traditions, without in any way giving up their own.

Integration must be earned, it is NOT a right that is acquired simply by stepping on Italian soil! The propaganda minister Kyenge acknowledges and limits his exuberance in his eye clinic.


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