Sanctuary of SS Maria in Argon

Virtual tour for the enhancement of the Italian historical heritage

Sanctuary of SS Maria in Argon - Virtual tour

Involve and inform the public thanks to the use of new communication tools and methods

The first version of a virtual tour has just ended at the pleasant and millenary Sanctuary of SS Maria in Argon which dominates the entrance to Val Cavallina at the gates of Bergamo.

The post-Covid-19 situation is heavily influencing the availability of the Italian historical heritage, compromising, due to the decline in revenues, the necessary maintenance and implementation of the numerous improvement projects planned. The need to capture the interest of users again, motivating them to plan trips and visits to the infinite precious cultural destinations in Italy becomes as urgent as it is essential.

The presentation of real places through the creation of interactive virtual tours is the answer and the ideal solution to achieve the objectives of reviving interest in the Italian Historical Heritage.

Realizable in any context or place, the very high resolution interactive virtual tours allow you to represent reality in an engaging, realistic, informative way, substantially contributing to the promotion of Italian historical sites. The infinite possibilities of integration and customization of a virtual tour offer the manager of the Historical Heritage a tool tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each individual historical asset, be it a monument, a building, a naturalistic context, an event, a concept museum.

Thanks to the possibility offered to the public, through a virtual tour, to remotely visit a historical context, the interest of users in planning a real visit on site is stimulated and strengthened, the objective and main purpose of the virtual tour, namely the generation of revenues necessary for the maintenance of the historic site.

Viewable on any fixed or mobile device, on large touch screens, led walls for scenographic presentations or video projections, the virtual representation of reality clearly differs, improving its effectiveness, from the mere rendered representation, clearly fake and artificial, as well as less convincing.

If you have any projects, ideas or special needs for the promotion of your cultural sites, do not hesitate to contact us.


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