5iC Five in conduct

First virtual speleo tour realized at the 5iC cave, Valcanale - Bergamo

5iC Virtual Tour

The first educational Virtual Tour created for the enhancement of the karst environment

The virtual tour at the #GrottaCinqueinCondotta has won the 2017 edition of the competition promoted by Italian Speleological Society which had as its theme the promotion of the karst environment in conjunction with the International Year of Sustainable Tourism. The speleological group # ValSerianaTalpe with the collaboration of the expert speleologist Devis Magri and the photographer Piero Annoni , specialized in panoramic photography in industrial and extreme environments, have taken up the challenge by creating the first interactive virtual tour in a karst environment.

In fact, thanks to the use of this photographic technique combined with new technologies and communication channels, the virtual photographic tour is one of the most effective methods of promotion and dissemination of karst environments for tourism purposes, in total safety without sacrificing too much emotion and pleasure of discovery.

Not only useful for tourism purposes, the interactive virtual tour created in the 5iC cave in Val Seriana has been enriched with numerous technical contents, making the tool also useful for educational and scientific dissemination purposes. The possibility in fact of being able to add and integrate the virtual tour over time with infinite information in any form, photo-video-audio-texts, make the tool always current and updated for a complete and high communication quality.

The virtual tour offers the possibility for anyone who can connect to the network to walk virtually inside this particular cave that extends for over 2.8 km with different branches and variations in altitude. The realization of the virtual tour in such a particular environment required careful planning for the preparation of the equipment and the collaboration of a large and trained staff of speleologists to support the photographer for the positioning of the light points and for the definition of the best points of view along the way; the latter are also clearly visible on the interactive map present in the navigation aid tour along the cave path.

Any public body, municipalities, Pro Loco, tourist associations or simple enthusiasts can derive enormous benefits for tourism purposes from the creation of a professional interactive 360 ° virtual tour for the promotion of their territory, beauties and natural attractions in a sustainable, economic and extremely effective. The ability to share on any web channel and mobile device, the panoramic virtual tour allows you to reach a wide audience and a large pool of potential users / visitors who can represent for many local realities, today and increasingly in the future, an important if not indispensable source of income by exploiting its territory in a sustainable way.

From today all the virtual tours made by Piero Annoni can be viewed on any virtual reality device such as Samsung VR, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, Gear VR, HTC Google Card Board and many others for an even more immersive and realistic experience.


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