WESSeries – Lombardy Round

Photos of the Qualifying and Race 1 at the Lombardy stage of the Wes Series

Round 3 of the E-Bike World Championship

Photo reportage of the two days of competitions that took place in the magnificent setting of Plis Park in the municipality of San Paolo d'Argon on the outskirts of Bergamo.

Welcome to the page dedicated to the photo report of the 3rd round of the Wesseries World eBike MTB Championship. We are excited to share with you hundreds of extraordinary images captured during the exciting competitive activities of this breathtaking event that took place in the magnificent setting of Plis Park in the municipality of San Paolo d’Argon on the outskirts of Bergamo.

The packed competition program, organized with impeccable precision, offered participants and spectators a unique experience. The collected images tell the story of the passion, determination and overwhelming energy of the cyclists who competed on the challenging and gripping course.

Through these photographs, we invite you to immerse yourself in the dynamism of the competitions and relive the intense adrenaline-pumping moments that characterized the two days of competition at the 3rd round of the World eBike MTB Championship. From rapid descents to uphill challenges, you can appreciate the technique, determination and courage of cyclists as they tackle natural obstacles and overcome their own limits.

For those who wish to stay up-to-date with the results and rankings in real time, please visit the following link, where you will find all the details about the drivers’ performances and leading positions in the competition.

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The Photo Gallery of the two days of competition

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Thank you for visiting our page dedicated to the photo report of the 3rd round of the MTB eBike World Championship. We hope these images convey to you the overwhelming energy and excitement we experienced during the event. Stay connected with us for future photo coverage of exciting sports competitions.

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