Roborace photo reportage at the Motor 1 Days in Modena, Italy

Photographic reportage of the 3 days of testing of the most advanced electric self-driving competition car

At the Modena circuit, Roborace carries out tests and timed trials on the occasion of the third round of the “Alpha Season” Championship, of the most advanced self-guided electric competition cars. A concentrate of state-of-the-art technologies that allow these electric racing cars to compete with each other at high speeds WITHOUT any human driver to drive.

Three self-driving cars for as many international teams challenged each other on the Modenese circuit, taking the advanced technologies used to the limit: a concentration of sensors, electrical power and advanced software saw these cars whizzing by without a human driver in the cockpit.

Below is the photographic reportage commissioned by Roborace to the photographer Piero Annoni of the 3 days of testing at the Modena car circuit.

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