Forgotten Railways

7th National Day of Forgotten Railways - Bergamo Paratico section via Palazzolo SO with electric and diesel engine.

Forgotten Railways

The lake railway

The photo report of a journey back in time, from Bergamo to Paratico on the shores of Lake Iseo aboard vintage carriages, pulled along the electrified stretch by the historic E646.196 then from Palazzolo, by the “old lady” D343.1030 diesel up to Paratico.

Thanks to the work of many enthusiasts and volunteers, we were able to enjoy the atmosphere of the past, the pleasant jolt on the old wooden seats of almost forgotten landscapes along the banks of the Oglio, ending the short journey on the shores of Lake Iseo near the old dock where the wagons were transshipped on barges connected to the Castro iron and steel center and to the cement plants of the upper Sebino basin

Thanks to the many people and associations who, thanks to their strong passion, preserve and pass on part of our history to future generations.


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