Features, specifications and prices of our photographic services, videos and interactive virtual tours.

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Questions and answers to clarify all your doubts about the photographic and video services offered.

Photographic services

characteristics and specifications of our services

All our quotes always INCLUDE photographic and video post-production.

We always deliver the work READY to USE!

Our goal is to cause the least disturbance to your activities, therefore according to the project, we optimize the duration of the shooting as much as possible, ALWAYS adapting to your needs.

All our customers are always delivered all the high resolution images inTiff, Jpg and, depending on the project, also Png formats.

We also provide all images already optimized for online publication.

The average cost varies from € 350.00 to over € 2500 depending on the services we provide:

  • home staging
  • Aerial shots
  • model

Recall that a real estate photo shoot professional and creative can reduce sales / leasing times by more than 70% as well as increase sales values by up to 3%.

We deliver the finished works within a maximum of 15 working days, in case of urgency even within 48 hours.

The creation of a specific photographic service for use on an e-commerce platform is quoted based on the number of products and the number of points of view for each product.

The average cost of an e-commerce photo shoot range between € 5 and € 25 for photos.

We ALWAYS provide the content produced in multiple formats: Tiff, Jpg and Png for all cut-out photographs including shading and any reflections.

We always prefer to work and create photographic and video content with our customers, working alongside and in collaboration with the client in order to provide the best possible product.

Yes! We accept and encourage foreign company to send inquiries for any photo and video service request from around the world.

The cost of a food photo shoot dedicated to restaurants for the enhancement of dishes and preparations is defined according to the time required, on site, to carry out the service.
In most cases, a day of shoooting at the restaurant is more than enough to create a significant amount of useful content to populate company sites in addition to creating numerous posts on social channels.

The average cost of a day is € 800.00 excluding any charges.

Virtuali Tour

the answers to your doubts

All our virtual tours do NOT have usage, viewing or storage fees.

We provide our customers with ready-to-use virtual tours with no hidden costs.

Our virtual tours are delivered with a resolution minimal of 10,000 X 5,000px at 300dpi

Each tour can be 100% customized by reproducing your brand identity.

We do not set any limits, neither creative nor quantitative, for the realization of interactive virtual tours.

If required, we can integrate the virtual tours with high-resolution aerial spherical panoramic images to increase the aesthetic and communicative impact of the virtual tour.

All our virtual tours are made using high resolution DSLR cameras in RAW format.
We do NOT use “one shot” cameras (Theta, Matterport etc) due to the low quality provided.

General questions

the answers to your doubts

We constantly work in dangerous and complex contexts, therefore we guarantee our customers coverage for any damage caused in the course of providing our services.

Let’s not wait any longer!

We provide aerial photos and videos with the use of drones exclusively through authorized and ENAC certified pilots and in strict compliance with current regulations.

Video Services

characteristics and specifications of our services

How much does a car cost?

The amount for providing a video service is determined by a number of factors, including:

  • Location
  • Actors
  • Special equipment
  • Transfers

We always provide accurate and detailed estimates so that you can correctly evaluate the size of the investment.

The videos produced are provided in the main formats according to the requested project, with any aspect ratio for use on any platform and for any communication purpose.

We always deliver videos in 4k format as standard, as well as numerous other “lighter” resolutions2 depending on the purpose of the project.

Our policy does not in any case include the supply of the original “shot”.

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