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Who I am

A Kodak Instamatic, the first camera thanks to which I approached the wonderful world of photography. Traveling has always been my first desire, the journey intended as a means of getting to know people and places, in strict compliance with habits and traditions, trying and striving not to disturb their original integrity too much; photography is the tool I have chosen to document it.

I mainly deal with industrial and corporate photography, where I best express my work by documenting production processes, machinery, infrastructures, relying on several photographic techniques and characterizing my work with a reportage, creative and above all realistic cut.

Specialized in panoramic photography, for several years also a “Google certified photographer” in which I realize virtual tours in the most disparate commercial, industrial and service sectors with particular attention to the tourism sector.

Passion, competence, and a lot of creativity are the main characteristics of my work.

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Let’s be disruptive

We animate your products

Graphic animations of products, processes, concepts to better engage your audience.

We tell your story

Photographs and videos must tell your companies, your work, your entrepreneurial story.


Let's save your past

Do not leave old projects, drawings, images or films in the drawers. We bring your archives back to life, your value.

Let's change perspective

We are nonconformists in principle, we observe your companies from a different point of view, revealing details that you would never have imagined.

If she's crazy, that's a good idea!

We leave banality and normality to others. We offer our customers originality and uniqueness. Stand out without fear!

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Do you have an idea, a project, a dream?
Contact me and let's talk.